What Lean Marketing is?

Let’s get some history back.

This approach was born in Japan around the 70s. Referring to the world of manufacturing, it was aimed at minimizing and eliminating the waste of resources that occurred along the entire supply chain and in the entire production process. The success of this methodology has meant that this, in the following years, was applied to all organizational levels, up to the most strategic ones. The result was the creation of real lean organizations, which understood the importance of creating value for the customer, organizing all the activities and key processes so as to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal of these organizations is to create the highest possible value for their customers, using the least possible number of resources and eliminating waste related to any gaps along the value chain.

Imagine that your question at this point will be: how do you connect all this to marketing? As mentioned above, the idea originally was closely related to the work of product development teams, inspiring numerous successful startups such as Dropbox, Intuit and Hubspot. Hubspot in particular went much further: the marketing team of the company had the opportunity to observe the functioning of the Lean Methodology in product development teams, recognizing the impact that this could have had on the marketing team. The result? The birth of Lean Marketing.

Hubspot has decided to apply the lean methodology to its marketing team, to make it faster and brighter. Using this lean approach, the marketing team evaluates the results of small test campaigns, deriving appropriate lessons and suggestions, and makes any changes to the elements of the campaign.

The elements of the Lean Marketing process:

  • Identification of the target audience
  • A marketing process that involves the analysis of information and adaptive learning in an iterative manner
  • A well-defined approval process for the publication and launch of pilot, tests, micro-campaigns and other tests.

Lean Marketing is characterized by continuous interactions: from life to small ideas, launch them quickly on the market, measure the results, and acquire the appropriate lessons.

Who can adopt Lean Marketing?

  • Whole marketing team
  • CMO
  • Founders of startups
  • Marketing managers who need to generate results
  • Business manager
  • CEOs who want to maintain a ROI-focused approach to managing their organization


Do you have a startup or a company and want to understand how to adopt a lean approach? Contact us and learn more about the effects of Lean Marketing on your communication and marketing strategy.



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