The Fallacy of the Perfect Business Plan

According to conventional wisdom, the first thing every founder must do is create a business plan—a static document that describes the size of an opportunity, the problem to be solved, and the solution that the new venture will provide. Typically it includes a five-year forecast for income, profits, and cash flow. A business plan is essentially a research exercise written in isolation at a desk before an entrepreneur has even begun to build a product. The assumption is that it’s possible to figure out most of the unknowns of a business in advance, before you raise money and actually execute the idea.… Read More The Fallacy of the Perfect Business Plan


Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything

As an important countervailing forces, the “Lean start-up” turns the conventional wisdom about entrepreneurship on its head. It favors experimentation and iterative design, makes the process of starting a company less risky. Although the methodology is just a few years old, its concepts have quickly taken root in the start-up world.… Read More Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything